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Performance Autotronic Systems.

We are a fully equipped repair facility with all the necessary equipment and tools to cater to a variety of high end automotive needs ranging from general check-ups to diagnostic analysis and mechanical repairs. Performance Auto aims at providing every customer with exceptional customer service, high end car repairs using the latest equipment and technology available.

Engine Diagnostics

With the latest hardware and software we will diagnose and locate most errors on to your vehicles within hours.

Spray and Body Work

Our latest addition is a fully capable body and spray system with unmatched paint matching and unequaled attention to detail.

Key and Remote Programing

Most key remotes in stock, if you lose your keys we will have you up and running in no time.


For those hard to get or very expensive parts, replacement is not an option. Where possible we will repair the old parts to almost new condition at an affordable price........


Interior controls of modern car often start malfunctioning mostly due to elements like water, coffee, soda, rough handling or just simply normal wear and tear. Come to us....

Performance Auto is a BMW specialized repair center. With complete BMW repair and computer programming

Specialized Services

Computer Programming

New or Used electronic parts need to be programmed or coded to the car. Our specialized personal are trained in every aspect of most car electronics.....

ECU Data Recovery

When Electronic Control Units are damaged it's alway hard to program new data on a new or used unit. We will copy the data where possible and write it to the new part...

Air Conditioning Repairs

WE have modern equipment to Evacuate and Recharge your AC system. Our personnel has the training to work on modern AC Units....

Our Services

  • Oil Change and fluid top up.
  • Brake Service and Replacement
  • Maintenance and Tune Ups
  • Air Conditioning maintenance and Repair.
  • Diagnostic and Engine Computer Analysis
  • Key and Remote Programming.
  • ECU Data recovery.
  • Body Repair and Paint Spray.
  • Electronic Suspension Diagnostic and Repair.
  • Engine Repairs.
  • Electrical Diagnostic and Repairs..
  • and much more..........