Our Vehicle Coverage.

Within a few years' existence in the automotive industry, Peformance Auto Repair has made a name as a reliable auto repair shop situated on the out skirts of Kampala making accessibility for our clients easy.

We are a fully equiped repair facility with all the necessary tools and machines to cater to a variety of automotive needs ranging from general check-ups to diagnostic analysis and mechanical repairs.

Our Vehicle coverage includes:

Our Vehicle coverage includes:


We do complete Dealer level diagnostics and Computer Programming and we are armed with a complete arsenal of dealer level tools including ICOM softaware for diagnosing the latest F-series BMWs.


We have SD Connect 4 Interface for working on the latest Mercedes Benz cars. We also have complete wiring diagrams and parts catalogues for your Mercedes cars.


With symptom driven diagnostics (SDD) software and hardware we can diagnose, program and update your Landrover quickly and accurately in no time.


We have a complete assortment of Audi diagnostic tools and have all the necessary experience to work on the latest Audi models including the Q5 and the Q7 Audi series.


This make has been around for ages and represents the finest of German engineering technology. With the lastest VAG software we have access to intuitive ability to address most challenges prsented to us by any Volkswagen series.


We have over 20 years of experience and equipment. Not only can we work on your Jeep but also on the whole line up of american cars including Jeep Parent Company Chrysler, General Motors line up and Ford Motor Company.


This is one of the most commonly driven car models around the globe and Uganda. We have the expertise and software to work on the latest techonoligically advanced Toyota cars such as Toyota Tech-Stream software and hardware used by Toyota dealeships all over the world.

All brands....